Community Habilitation Center is a non-profit organization in Miami Florida that helps adults with developmental disabilities learn work skills so that they can participate in the community. They have a range of programs and are made up of an amazing staff that is extremely dedicated and hard working. This is one of my favorite projects that I get to work on because the cause is so great. I am happy to do everything for them at no cost. As time goes on, the brand will begin to take more and more shape. This is very much a work in progress.

The logo was the first piece of the puzzle to be developed. They wanted it to be friendly and inviting. A key word that was expressed was "hope". After several sketches and unused proposals, this is the solution we reached. CHC has been around since 1975, and they have always branded themselves with the color green because they used to run a flourishing garden at their facility. I definitely wanted to carry that theme into the newly created brand.

They are in need of a more current website as well. I wanted the information to be laid out in a simple manner, with the donate button being prominent because they receive almost all of their funding through donations. A large loop in the middle was a great way for them to highlight upcoming events as well as celebrating past ones. Their mission and upcoming events tab are also on the home page. As of right now, I am still working on the home page in illustrator to get all of the elements in the right place. Next will come the subpages, and then finally I will drop everything into photoshop to get it pixel perfect and ready for coding.